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Why is English-Alive a benefit for schools and their students

  • Qualified and dynamic UK based mother-tongue teachers at your school.
  • A tried and tested programme to get students to activate the English they have learned.
  • An intensive course impacts on students and motivates them after the course has finished.
  • Small classes give more personal attention and accelerates learning.
  • An emphasis on speaking and listening skills with particular work on fluency, pronunciation, intonation and successful communication.
  • English-only classes promote confidence and linguistic risk-taking.
  • Start dates and length of programme to suit your school.
  • Flexible English Alive Programmes can accommodate special requests, e.g. exam preparation.
  • We work with you. Our classes are open for your teachers to observe.
  • We offer a free Teachers' Workshop for your English language staff.
  • English Alive is considerably less expensive than attending a course in Britain.
  • Our programme further promotes interest for those intending to study in Britain
Englisch Kurse für Schüler in Deutschland
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